The human brain is a truly remarkable structure and performs a multitude of tasks simultaneously.

Our memory systems are essential to our day-to-day existences. Most of us probably take for granted our own abilities to remember, for example, where we placed something a short time ago, being able to put names to faces, washing and dressing, preparing food, enjoying hobbies, paying bills, driving and so on are all accepted parts of our daily routines.

As we get older it is not uncommon to be aware of a slight deterioration in memory. For the majority of individuals this amounts to no more than slight forgetfulness and does not progress to cause any significant problem.

Some people do experience a progressive decline in their memory and other brain functions and eventually develop dementia. It is important to remember that many conditions can cause an upset of the memory and that not all individuals who have memory impairment have dementia.

Glasgow Memory Clinic offers a free memory screening service for those over 50 who are concerned about memory decline and who are potentially interested in participating in our research program. Contact us for more information.

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