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A new Parkinson’s Disease Research Study – The Orchestra Study

The Orchestra Study


Parkinson’s Disease Research Study


Building on our extensive research experience and in recognition of the work that we do in clinical studies, Glasgow Memory Clinic is now proud to contribute towards studies for those who have Parkinson’s Disease.

As 1 of only 3 study sites in the U.K. we will welcome patients to our world class facility from across Scotland who may be suitable to take part in the Orchestra clinical research study for men and women with early-stage Parkinson’s disease.

This new study is investigating the effect of the study drug (UCB0599) on the progression of Parkinson’s disease and associated symptoms over a longer period of time. Therefore, the Orchestra Study can only recruit individuals with mild Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Clinical research studies can help advance the understanding of a disease, and they rely on individuals volunteering to participate. They are the most important way for researchers to find out if drugs that are being developed are well tolerated and effective.

By joining the Orchestra Study you have the opportunity to help clinical research into early-stage Parkinson’s disease across Europe and North America.

Play Your Part in Early Parkinson’s Disease

This is the first of our current studies which is suitable for those with Parkinson’s. If you are interested in taking part or know someone who might be, there are several criteria to meet in order to join the Orchestra Study:

  • Aged 40–75 years
  • Have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the past 2 years
  • Experience slowness of movement and at least one of the following:
  • Muscle stiffness/rigidity
  • Tremor/shaking
  • Have not taken any medications to treat Parkinson’s disease motor symptoms (symptoms related to movement) and are not expected to need any such medications in the next 6 months.


The Orchestra Parkinson's Disease Research Study


Learn more about the Orchestra study and the opportunity to help clinical research into early-stage Parkinson’s disease. If you meet the above criteria and would like to register to take part in this exciting new study into Parkinson’s disease, you can take a pre-screener here.

If you pre-qualify, you will be referred to your nearest study site (us), and one of our patient liaison team will follow up to discuss the study in detail, any additional criteria required and confirm whether you are suitable to take part.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak with someone in the first instance, please call us on 0141 948 0206 and one of our friendly patient liaison team who will be happy to discuss the criteria requirements with you and answer any questions.

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Posted 16th May 2022

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