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Glasgow Memory Clinic supports the Blythswood Care Christmas Shoebox Appeal for the third year in a row

Glasgow Memory Clinic has supported the Blythswood Care Christmas Shoebox Appeal since 2015, donating 99 boxes over the past three years. The boxes contain essentials such as hats, scarves and gloves, soap, toothpaste, brushes, toys and sweets.

The shoe boxes are given to those less fortunate in a variety of countries including Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine. These boxes make a huge difference to the recipients, as many are living in poverty.

Clinic Development Manager at Glasgow Memory Clinic, Alison Cranmer said: ‘It’s so easy to forget how lucky most of us are. Things that we take for granted every day can make a massive difference to someone who has very little.

The gift of a shoebox has the potential to make someone smile and it might be the only thing they receive at Christmas and in some cases, all year. I’m sure that’s a very difficult concept to imagine for most people living in the UK.

We are delighted to have donated 39 boxes this year. Glasgow Memory Clinic is proud to have contributed to this excellent cause, and we hope to continue to show our support in the coming years. I would urge anyone to get involved with this wonderful appeal’.



About Blythswood Care

Since 1966, Blythswood Care has combined the Christian message with practical help for those in need. Whether through filled shoeboxes at Christmas, relief and development aid or social projects for young and old, Blythswood brings hope to thousands in Europe, Africa and Asia. Blythswood is committed to long-term care projects in Romania, enabling disadvantaged children and young people fulfil their potential. Since Blythswood Care began their appeal, over 2 million shoeboxes have been donated.

 If you are in the business of shoes and throw out empty shoeboxes and would like to donate them to Blythswood Care, please contact on 01349 830 777.



About Glasgow Memory Clinic

Glasgow Memory Clinic is an independent research organisation engaged in national and international research studies that seek to find better treatments for those with memory impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Glasgow Memory Clinic relies on volunteers who are aged 50+ and are in good general health. As there is an initial screening process, we need more volunteers so we have enough people to take part in any one particular study. As well as being a state of the art facility, the clinic provides a very welcoming and comfortable space. There are a number of break-out areas, free Wi-fi plus complimentary refreshments are on offer all day in the café. Making volunteers and members of their family feel relaxed and at ease is of the upmost importance.

Posted 17th November 2017

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