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Jeremy Paxman Gets Parkinson’s Diagnosis After Doctor Saw Him on TV

In a recent interview, British journalist and broadcaster Jeremy Paxman revealed that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after a doctor noticed him on TV.

Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over many years. The three main symptoms of the condition are involuntary shaking of particular parts of the body, known as tremors, slow movement, and stiff and inflexible muscles.

Paxman said that he first noticed something was wrong when he started to find it difficult to button his shirts. He also said that his wife had commented on his loss of “physical exuberance” while presenting the long-running show, University Challenge.

Paxman went to see his doctor, who referred him to a neurologist. After a series of tests, Paxman was given the diagnosis. He has since been treated with medication and physiotherapy, which has helped improve his symptoms.

While Parkinson’s can be a debilitating condition, many people live well with it for many years. With treatment and support, most people with Parkinson’s are able to maintain a good quality of life.

It is inspiring to hear how Jeremy Paxman has coped with his diagnosis and is continuing to live his life to the fullest despite his challenges. If you or someone you know is showing signs of Parkinson’s disease, we would always advise you seek medical advice.

There is no cure yet and this is why research is essential.

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  • Experience slowness of movement and at least one of the following:
  • Muscle stiffness/rigidity
  • Tremor/shaking

Have not taken any medications to treat Parkinson’s disease motor symptoms (symptoms related to movement) and are not expected to need any such medications in the next 6 months.

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Jeremy Paxman opens up about his life with Parkinson’s tonight in a one-off documentary – Putting Up with Parkinson’s – 9pm on STV.

Posted 4th October 2022

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