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Memory Screening for Veterans

Glasgow Memory Clinic has launched a memory screening program for veterans.

Neil Griffiths, National Spokesman for the Royal British Legion Scotland commented:

 “This service will be of enormous advantage to our older members who are worrying about forgetting things. The Offer will enable them to be reassured as to whether it is normal or to identify that they need further help. This is a significant step in their reassurance”.

Dr Fraser Inglis, the Director of Glasgow Memory Clinic said, “Over the years many former service personnel have attended the Clinic and we are delighted to be able to offer this new service!”

Details of the Offer:

The Offer

If you are a Veteran over 60 years of age and concerned about deterioration in your memory the Glasgow Memory Clinic will carry out a free Memory Screening.


An initial telephone conversation to ensure a memory screening is appropriate, then an appointment is arranged with a confirmatory letter sent to you. The screening will take between one and one and a half hours.


Glasgow Memory Clinic, The Altum Building, Todd Campus, West  of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow G20 0XA.


Meet with experienced clinicians. The screening consists of interview and assessment based on your symptoms and any signs of disease. There is nothing painful or invasive in the process.  A family member, friend or carer is encouraged to accompany you to the appointment.


No costs are involved. The screening and any subsequent activity are provided completely free of charge.


At the end of the screening you will be given an indication of how your memory is functioning at that time. This can range from , that your memory is working well to a follow-up appointment being suggested or a recommendation that action is taken.

Your GP?

The Memory Screening is by self referral and of course is completely voluntary. Whether or not you discuss the screening with your GP is your choice. Should some action be recommended this will be discussed with you and the Clinic can write to your GP if you wish.


From time to time the clinic runs research programmes for those with mild memory impairment and you may have the opportunity to participate if you wish.  If in the future there is a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia there may be the opportunity for you to take part very much on a voluntary basis in an appropriate research programme.

Next Step?

To make an appointment please phone 0141 948 0206 and ask for a Veterans appointment.

Posted 13th September 2010

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