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Could you be the next volunteer for our research studies?

You could be eligible to receive £25

Glasgow Memory Clinic is an independent clinical research centre who seeks volunteers for a range of studies running at the clinic. Volunteers are absolutely vital in order to help find improved treatments and better ways to provide care for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Over the years, clinical research has led to important medical discoveries that make everyone’s lives better. This includes finding vaccines, developing new treatments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease, improved medical procedures and improved ways to diagnose conditions.

You could do your bit to help us support Alzheimer’s research and receive £25 as a thank you:

 Receive a screening payment for yourself*

You will be eligible to receive a screening payment of £25 in recognition of your time and inconvenience if you are screened for a study. We ask that you meet the following requirements:

  • You are aged between 50 and 85 years old
  • You’ve noticed a decline in your memory in the last 12 months
  • You have a reliable person who knows how you are managing with daily activities, that can attend study visits with you

If you are suitable to be screened for a study, your travel expenses would be covered. We also have free parking, free Wi-fi plus complimentary refreshments.

There is no charge for being screened, but what does being screened mean? It means you have reviewed and are happy with the approved study information, signed the study Informed Consent Form and had some study specific screening tests e.g. memory tests performed.

You can fill out the short pre-screening survey here


*Please note the screening payment can only be claimed if you are consented and screened for a study. Glasgow Memory Clinic reserves the right to revise or eliminate this programme at any time without notice. Glasgow Memory Clinic employees are not eligible for this programme.

Posted 16th August 2017

2 responses to “Could you be the next volunteer for our research studies?

  1. My mother was diagnosed with Picks Disease and I was the contact for many years for PDSA in Scotland.
    I am now 56yrs of age and accept that the condition in some rare cases is hereditary.
    As a clinician in dentistry and acutely aware of past experience regarding this sad illness I have now noticed minor memory problems.
    I would be very happy to attend your clinic but would enquire if all results are totally confidential and not forwarded to GPs or clinical bodies?
    As in the past with my mother a SPEC test was available is this within your remit?
    Elaine Anderson

    1. Thanks for your enquiry Elaine. One of our team will get in touch with you very shortly. You are also welcome to call us on 0141 948 0206.

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