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The Art of Bringing Memories Back to Life

With language being affected rather early in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, it can be particularly frustrating for a loved one to watch the person they care for really struggle to get the right words out, or seemingly forget even the most of prominent memories.

Expressing yourself through art is a very liberating way for sufferers to convey thoughts and emotions, with some museums now conducting tours specifically for people who have dementia because viewing paintings and pieces of art has proven so successful at boosting mood, self-esteem and most importantly re-opening the lines of communication.

Using Art as a Treatment 

Using art as treatment has proven to be a power tool for negating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, and without a definitive cure, we must do what we can to keep the memories we have whist vital research is being conducted to find a cure.

The act of creating art by putting brush to canvas or pencil to paper itself, can allow those suffering from memory loss to reconnect with their true selves. Through tapping into one’s creativity and stimulating a different area of their brain, the act of creating art can give someone who has been struggling a new way to communicate with those around them.

The Power of the Spaces Around Us 

However, this response has not only been found when sufferers create the art themselves, or by merely viewing it from a distance. The happiness that art can bring to a space and to the mind can make all the difference in the life of a loved one who’s memory has been in a progressive decline.

Stimulating the senses in such a way, can help trigger dormant memories and encourage conversations. Which is why when visiting Glasgow Memory Clinic, you will see our walls are covered with vibrant original artworks.

Made up of dynamic brushstrokes, vibrant colours and textures, each artwork pulls the viewer in and surrounds their senses in expressive colours. Art is worth more than providing something pretty to look at but stimulates the brain and brings memories back to life.

The artwork on our walls, if nothing else, provides a bright and welcoming environment.



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Using original artwork as a method of treating memory loss at the clinic


Posted 29th November 2021

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