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You Are The Cure

Throughout the evolution of modern medicine, humanity has witnessed many races against the clock when looking for a cure to the most serious and destructive diseases.


In light of current events, and pandemics from the past, the importance of medical research has been highlighted. Although studied meticulously, many diseases and wide spread viruses like COVID-19 remain a mystery for researchers as they constantly evolve and mutate.


This not only applies to pandemics however, as some of the most common, noncommunicable diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are still under extensive research for a cure.


This sheds light on the importance of clinical trials and human trials in the discovery of medication. Scientific discoveries can only be proven effective if they are tested on people, both with diseases/symptoms and often on those without.


Most of us have already benefitted from medical research and clinical trials without necessarily realising it. In fact, all treatments and medications have been previously tested, refined, and approved before being made available and distributed to the general public.



Clinical trials are conducted worldwide as part of research. People who volunteer have different reasons for participating, but all are playing an active role in their own healthcare and proactively helping future generations.


They are also getting the opportunity to gain potential access to new effective treatments, inaccessible outside of the trials and extensive and personalised healthcare they wouldn’t otherwise get on the NHS.


The involvement of people in trials is what really pushes research forward, allowing researchers and clinics to learn more about everchanging diseases and take steps towards the discovery of medication. By conducting tests and treatments, clinical trials give researchers an invaluable opportunity to improve medical care and finding what works, how it works and why it works.


Every step taken in trials is a step closer to a cure. Volunteers are always needed not only to get there faster, but also get there better.


You can sign up to take part in our research studies in the future here and help us on our mission to find better treatment and ultimately a cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Posted 11th May 2020

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