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Memory Screening

We offer free memory screening for those aged over 50 who are concerned about a decline
in memory function and who are interested in participating in a research study.

I am worried my memory is worse

If you are worried that your memory is worse we can provide memory screening.
Many people screened are normal and find this beneficial. If you do have memory impairment and we have a research study that might be suitable for you we will provide you with suitable information.

Why should I have my memory tested?

It can be difficult to be objective about your own memory. Some people think they have a poor memory but testing shows it to be normal, this can be reassuring.

Some people are worried their memory is getting worse and testing may confirm there is memory impairment. Identifying memory impairment early allows the potential for early intervention. Alzheimer’s disease can now be diagnosed much earlier in the Prodromal phase than in the past and this is a very positive development in clinical research.

I am worried about my memory because a family member had Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is very rare below the age of 50 years.

If you have concerns that your memory is worse then getting your memory tested may be very worthwhile.

I have Alzheimer’s disease

If you or someone you know has an established diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease you may be suitable to take part in a research study of a potential new medicine. Will this help me?  There is no guarantee that taking part in a research study will help all people. However, an important question to ask yourself is – Is it better to do something or nothing?

Taking part in research is entirely voluntary and it is up to you if you wish to participate. It is now generally accepted that people who do come forward and participate in research have better overall outcomes.

Why do people who participate in research have better overall outcomes?

The reasons for this are thought to be the extensive tests, medical care and attention that people receive when taking part in a research programme. We have a dedicated team of research doctors and nurses and our experience is that taking part in research is a positive thing to do.

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