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Alzheimer’s drug Lecanemab hailed as momentous breakthrough

Alzheimer’s drug Lecanemab hailed as momentous breakthrough.


Earlier today, Dr Fraser Inglis, Founder and Director Research at Glasgow Memory Clinic, a NEUROCLIN centre commented…

“Very positive results announced last night from the CTAD 2022 Congress in San Francisco, regarding the EISAI, CLARITY study of Lecanemab.”

“Our most sincere congratulations to Eisai, BioArctic, Worldwide Clinical Trials and all Investigators, subjects and carers who have contributed to this ground breaking and landmark study.

An outstanding achievement with these positive results offering new hope to mankind”.

These results come 15 years after Glasgow Memory Clinic entered the first subject in Scotland in and Alzheimer’s Vaccine study – and 9 years after the clinic began work on Lecanemab when it was still in early development.

Work on Lecanemab continues with the AHEAD study – an Early Detection study that is currently running at the clinic.

Dr Inglis said “The AHEAD study takes the research focus to an even earlier stage of the Alzheimer’s illness – when subjects are unaware that toxic Amyloid protein is silently accumulating in the brain – with no or minimal memory complaints.

The great hope now is because the CLARITY study shows positive results, that giving treatment with Lecanemab at an earlier stage of the disease process will yield even better results.

I am exceptionally proud of all the achievements and wonderful research team here at the centre.

This breakthrough will be a catalyst for an even greater focus on developing and refining much needed new and better treatments for Alzheimer’s disease”.


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Posted 30th November 2022

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