Consider joining a global clinical research trial for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease progression

Are you, or someone you know, age 60 to 85 years and worried about memory loss in the future?

We are researching the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medicine that may help delay memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease and there are no treatments that may delay early memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

A community of 1650 volunteers will be joining together around the world to help us with this important research. The trial will last for about 5 years and will involve regular visits to the trial centre.

We are looking for people who do not have any symptoms but are worried that they may develop Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

Are you able to help?

You may be able to take part in the EARLY Trial if you:

are age 60 to 85 years

If you are age 60 to 64 years, you will need to have at least one of the following:

  • a parent or sibling with Alzheimer’s disease
  • been told you are at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease (that you have the APOE ε4 gene or a proven build up of amyloid in your brain).
  • have normal memory and thinking abilities—

Even if you are worried you have subtle memory changes, you may
still be able to take part. The trial doctor will work with you to determine if this trial is right for you.

  • have a close friend, relative, or spouse who can come to some trial visits with you.

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